Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Travel Time

Today I spent a good 3 hours on expedia, lastminute, etc looking for the best deals to go away...anywhere. I love planes. I love airports. I like arriving somewhere and thinking "I was in London 3/7/12 bloody hours ago". In fact, there's not much I don't like about travelling - other than the cost.

Hotels are damn expensive. Especially in anywhere you remotely want to stay (captial cities, nice areas). Eye wateringly expensive. I wish my brother still had the sweet apartment in NY. If he did I'd be across every month or so. Right about now I could do with a Clinton St Bakery blow out breakfast.

Anyway. The thought of travelling spurred me onto something semi sensible - if I want to travel I need to create a job that does just that. And I think I made some progress today. So, pat yourself on the back kiddo. Thanks.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Wardrobe Worries

Today was a minor victory against inactivity. I actually picked up my dry cleaning. I was a little worried that my favourite Vivienne Westwood top might end up in Oxfam, but no, they had kept it.

Other tasks now include - de jean my bottom drawer (I have so many, but only wear the Uniqlo beaten up ones and a pair of River Island ones that I had to customise, and by customise I mean take off all those annoying RI details they put on everything) and de top. Way too many tee shirts.
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