Friday, 28 May 2010

Beyonce does it again

I have already posted twice in the past about Beyonce. More specifically about Beyonce and her Bettie Page look and how much her bangs blow my mind. So, I am crying, CRYING with delight at the visual feast she is given us with her new video. Beyonce, you and me can run away Gaga style any time you want.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Hats off to the V&A

I went to the V&A the other day with my Mum for a talk about Fine Cell Work - a charity that works with inmates to give them a new skill (needlework) that they can do during lock down and make money to support themselves and their family. Check them out - you can buy products 'off the shelf' made to a certain pattern or they take commissions. 

Anyway, as ever I managed to turn a cultural experience into an opportunity to shop...well, the V&A shop is pretty damn gorgeous and I defy anyone to not see something in there that takes their fancy. My Mum bought lots of quilt related goodies and I went for homewares (retro tea towels - how domesticated am I?) 

There was one thing I didn't buy, that I am now regretting. I fell in love with this hat. I can see it being a summer staple and great for a pale English rose (cough, ahem) like myself.  I just love the trompe l'oeil detail, which I think gives it just enough wit for people to realise that you are not a total fashion ponce swanning around and pretending to be old Hollywood glamour. 

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Fashion Styling - mags vs blogs

I am going on a beginners course in fashion styling soon - I really want to get more of an understanding of how a professional fashion stylist works and also get back into a creative learning environment, one I haven't been in since my GCSE's (I did an A level in Art too, but it was in my spare time = no classes). 

For the first lesson we have to come prepared with images / stories from magazines that we like. I am finding this quite difficult for a number of reasons; 1) I tend to find most styling in glossy fashion mags quite mediocre, there's always the wispy whites for summer story, the 'sport luxe' story where they bung in a few headbands a couple of items from Nike. In other words they are predictable and lazy, 2) The majority of my fashion inspiration and fashion 'wibbles*' come from real people posting their outfits over time. I love getting to know someone's style and see their favourite clothes worn in different ways - I could bring these but then trouble also strikes...I copy so many images from the web and often forget to save them with source information, 3) all the images I know I love are either long lost or packaged up in one of the millions of boxes at my parent's will I ever find them? I have happy memories of my favourite Nylon fashion shoot about a year after it started with a girl in coloured wigs wearing men's blazers. For literally years after those images were in the back of my mind whenever I went shopping. 

I can't remember what site I copied this picture from, but I do remember that it was in The Face (R.I.P.) when I was younger and I loved it. The girl in the centre is wearing Salomon zip boots which were THE coolest thing when I was about 18, looking at this picture is making me want them...I feel an ebay coming on! 

* You know, that gut reaction that elicits a MUST. HAVE / TRY / OWN. ASAP response?

Monday, 17 May 2010

Summer Holidays...

I am not even going on my summer holiday until the very end of August / beginning of September. But it hasn't stopped me mentally forming a shopping list of essentials. We go the same place pretty much every year - a private villa with one hell of a view and a very nice pool too as you can just about see. What is good about this is that I know just what to expect, and as a result what to pack for the activities ..we guzzle wine and olive oil like it's going out of fashion and just read and maybe pop to the shops (hence the need for a full wardrobe).

I am already on the look out for the perfect pair of shorts and summer dress. I might even need to get some new sloppy sandals that can get beaten up going from the pool to the house to the ice cream shop in town (very important, this last activity). And finally...I am going to do my CBT so that I can hire a moped when I'm there and zoom up and down the hills of Tuscany!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Mad Men mixed with Marni

The title is a slight lie, this dress is by Zara, not Marni, but the print is very Marni in my opinion. Already I am getting pangs of excitement thinking about visiting the Marni sale store just outside Florence at the end of Summer...

I wish there was more call for big dresses, heck any dress, in my daily life. Sadly I wore this outfit last year to a bash at the Houses of Parliament and I STILL felt overdressed - everyone else seemed to wearing black trousers and sensible sweaters. I really want to wear this dress for a summer picnic where croquet is the game of the choice rather than frisbee (sudden movements are to be avoided when trussed up 1950's style).

Necklace & Bracelet - Vintage Dior 
Dress & Belt - Zara
Bag - Chanel 
Shoes - Chloe  

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Thursday Style Inspiration - Virginia Norris of Whistles

Maybe it's the ugly / beautiful Chanel boots, the great haircut or perhaps the super cute dog. It doesn't matter, I just love Virginia Norris' style. 

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Green Shoes & Grey Days

Last night was so cold I huddled in bed and watched Liz Lemon doing her thing. I might have been lounging, but the green shoes helped keep my spirits up. I just want to wear them outside without my feet becoming little ice blocks. I don't know how some girls do it...

Hoodie: Uniqlo
Tee Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Trousers: Marks & Spencer's (£5 rail)
Shoes: Maison Martin Margiela 22

Monday, 10 May 2010

When Will It Be Summertime?

It may be May, but winter is still in house. Last week I had to dig out my coat and boots from storage after admitting defeat - it's cold out there in London (and I am reliably informed, pretty much everywhere else in England too). 

Still, I can TRY to force summer to happen by thinking positive, and dressing like I mean it (albeit with jogging bottoms made of wool to keep some warmth in), and in this case that means super bright shoes and a print blouse that just screams TUSCANY! PIMMS OUTDOORS! WHERE'S YOUR SPF? 

So far, this dressing tactic has not yet worked. Next stage in Operation: Summer will be the purchase of roof top furniture. The weather has to change if I've got my roof terrace decked out, right?

Top: Marni 
Trousers: Whistles 
Shoes: Martin Margiela 22

Saturday, 8 May 2010

My Mini Selby

I bought The Selby is in your place. I recommend the book. There is something about being able to luxuriate in a book that the web thingy has yet to replicate. 

Apart from all the damn hipsters (makes you weep how little and unconnected your own life is...not one of them seems works in admin, does shift work or has to de-gunge the dishwasher, they're all supermodels or artists or company heads and all blessed with looks the hottest person in the world would be jealous of) I love the book. Why? Because everyone has so much STUFF. 

Now, I have stuff. Lots of it. When I read Elle Decoration, Living Etc or World of Interiors, I feel inadequate because the homes featured are pristine, perfect and very, very grown up. Heck, some don't even seem to have fripperies like toothbrushes in the bathroom. They don't have piles of funny toys, leaflets for take out stuck to their fridge or stains on the carpet from excessive running with cups of tea. But in The Selby they do! Other people like me exist. Thanks The Selby, you make me feel a little more normal for having a home the way I do, and utterly bone crunchingly normal for just being dull old me in terms of my life. 

Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday Happy Shoes

It's a Friday, which should be a cause of celebration. Instead, on this Friday my country is facing a hung parliament with a Conservative government, so I'm a bit bummed (although not surprised). 

I'm trying to cheer myself up by looking at old photos, and I came across this picture of my friend S's wonderful, wonderful Church's gold and silver brogues that I've mentioned before. Are they not bone tinglingly beautiful? Sadly I didn't get to see her last night at my mini election party / glum-in, because Milan has stolen her. 

So "Hi S", and thanks for cheering up via the medium of shoe xxx

Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Newcastle Bocca Della Verita. Who needs Rome?

Without a doubt, this is my favourite thing in Newcastle. Tucked away in a corner of Monument Station on the Metro is the Bocca Della Verita fortune telling machine. Unlike the actual thing in Rome (which I've also visited) this one is plastic, grubby and costs 20p. But for that 20p you put your hand inside the mouth and it tells you your fortune on a flimsy bit of printed paper rather than biting your hand off. Awesome. 

Whenever I go to Newcastle this is a must, along with the posh Marks & Spencer's and the new Topshop that is always spookily empty compared to London ones (but very relaxing to shop in as a result) and the T.K.Maxx that normally coughs up some Missoni in some shape or form. See, like I said, who needs Rome?

Fantasy Shoe Of The Week - Charlotte Olympia

I just love Charlotte Olympia shoes. Charlotte Dellal, the designer has a unique voice in the world of shoes - you can tell her creations a mile off, and unlike some other designers the styles don't seem forced or try hard. She is as rad as her designs - her look is part 1940's siren mixed with modern day London attitude. 

The exciting thing in that she's just opened a stand alone store for the first time on Maddox Street, just of off Bond St. I will be going along but I might have to leave my wallet at home. 

Update: The shop isn't open yet, but there's a big poster window saying that it's coming soon. I stopped to earwig on a conversation someone was having outside about when it would open, but I started to get funny looks. Cross fingers it's soon!

Her website is - it seems to be down a the moment, but when it's back up I urge you to explore her shoes. I am sure they will be collectors pieces of the future. 

Saturday, 1 May 2010

When Stuff Takes Over (Yeah)

Every now and then I seem to reach critical mass. That moment when I realise that I own a hell of a lot of 'stuff' and lack the correct way in which to store / sort it. 

This is my bag cupboard at present (not even counting my evening bags in two other draws, or shopping canvas bags that litter the kitchen hooks). It needs a not only, ahem, tidying, but perhaps a way to show off some of the nicer ones too. I also have this problem with my shoes...I forget I own pairs...I really need to be able to see at least the pretty ones. 

Any ideas or inspiration?
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