Thursday, 20 May 2010

Fashion Styling - mags vs blogs

I am going on a beginners course in fashion styling soon - I really want to get more of an understanding of how a professional fashion stylist works and also get back into a creative learning environment, one I haven't been in since my GCSE's (I did an A level in Art too, but it was in my spare time = no classes). 

For the first lesson we have to come prepared with images / stories from magazines that we like. I am finding this quite difficult for a number of reasons; 1) I tend to find most styling in glossy fashion mags quite mediocre, there's always the wispy whites for summer story, the 'sport luxe' story where they bung in a few headbands a couple of items from Nike. In other words they are predictable and lazy, 2) The majority of my fashion inspiration and fashion 'wibbles*' come from real people posting their outfits over time. I love getting to know someone's style and see their favourite clothes worn in different ways - I could bring these but then trouble also strikes...I copy so many images from the web and often forget to save them with source information, 3) all the images I know I love are either long lost or packaged up in one of the millions of boxes at my parent's will I ever find them? I have happy memories of my favourite Nylon fashion shoot about a year after it started with a girl in coloured wigs wearing men's blazers. For literally years after those images were in the back of my mind whenever I went shopping. 

I can't remember what site I copied this picture from, but I do remember that it was in The Face (R.I.P.) when I was younger and I loved it. The girl in the centre is wearing Salomon zip boots which were THE coolest thing when I was about 18, looking at this picture is making me want them...I feel an ebay coming on! 

* You know, that gut reaction that elicits a MUST. HAVE / TRY / OWN. ASAP response?

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