Saturday, 8 May 2010

My Mini Selby

I bought The Selby is in your place. I recommend the book. There is something about being able to luxuriate in a book that the web thingy has yet to replicate. 

Apart from all the damn hipsters (makes you weep how little and unconnected your own life is...not one of them seems works in admin, does shift work or has to de-gunge the dishwasher, they're all supermodels or artists or company heads and all blessed with looks the hottest person in the world would be jealous of) I love the book. Why? Because everyone has so much STUFF. 

Now, I have stuff. Lots of it. When I read Elle Decoration, Living Etc or World of Interiors, I feel inadequate because the homes featured are pristine, perfect and very, very grown up. Heck, some don't even seem to have fripperies like toothbrushes in the bathroom. They don't have piles of funny toys, leaflets for take out stuck to their fridge or stains on the carpet from excessive running with cups of tea. But in The Selby they do! Other people like me exist. Thanks The Selby, you make me feel a little more normal for having a home the way I do, and utterly bone crunchingly normal for just being dull old me in terms of my life. 

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