Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Newcastle Bocca Della Verita. Who needs Rome?

Without a doubt, this is my favourite thing in Newcastle. Tucked away in a corner of Monument Station on the Metro is the Bocca Della Verita fortune telling machine. Unlike the actual thing in Rome (which I've also visited) this one is plastic, grubby and costs 20p. But for that 20p you put your hand inside the mouth and it tells you your fortune on a flimsy bit of printed paper rather than biting your hand off. Awesome. 

Whenever I go to Newcastle this is a must, along with the posh Marks & Spencer's and the new Topshop that is always spookily empty compared to London ones (but very relaxing to shop in as a result) and the T.K.Maxx that normally coughs up some Missoni in some shape or form. See, like I said, who needs Rome?

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