Friday, 14 May 2010

Mad Men mixed with Marni

The title is a slight lie, this dress is by Zara, not Marni, but the print is very Marni in my opinion. Already I am getting pangs of excitement thinking about visiting the Marni sale store just outside Florence at the end of Summer...

I wish there was more call for big dresses, heck any dress, in my daily life. Sadly I wore this outfit last year to a bash at the Houses of Parliament and I STILL felt overdressed - everyone else seemed to wearing black trousers and sensible sweaters. I really want to wear this dress for a summer picnic where croquet is the game of the choice rather than frisbee (sudden movements are to be avoided when trussed up 1950's style).

Necklace & Bracelet - Vintage Dior 
Dress & Belt - Zara
Bag - Chanel 
Shoes - Chloe  

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