Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Fake Rules

After weeks of revealing my pasty legs to the world I have come up with a solution. This summer is not the one to get a natural tan in, nor do tanning beds appeal (er, who actually uses them?), and again fake take is too much faff. No. I have gone for Rimmel instant tan in matte finish (I don't think shiny for daytime feels right). What an amazing result. One quick splodge and rub in and I have colour, it's not greasy at all, and hasn't transferred onto the tube / office chair / the rest of me. Hopefully it will wash off without any pain tonight...famous last words?

Monday, 10 August 2009

Warning! Entering Somerset - Wear Something Ugly

I've just had a great weekend away with 'the pub quiz lot', as they are known collectively. Somerset in the sun is really quite a treat. We were so lucky with the weather - blue skies, no rain, no humidity and ACTUAL SUN, so it meant the world was our oyster.

I think going down to the West Country might be a bit like the fashion Bermuda triangle however. As soon as I get down there normal fashion rules go out of the window and I find myself wearing trainers with socks (sexy), too big cut of denim shorts that fall down as I walk and horrid thick knit cardies. Yet I'd travelled down in a rather neat floral tube skirt / white shoulder pad tee shirt combo. Why is fashion so place dependent, huh? Or am I just lazy?

Friday, 7 August 2009

New Stuff - When To Wear?

It is with satisfaction that I note Net a Porter has yet to get the Alexander Wang boots I got my mitts on into stock yet. I cannot wait to wear them, but sadly this horrible sticky weather is continuing and wearing boots WITH SOCKS is just not going to happen when there are perfectly good sandals in my wardrobe.

Maybe there will be a sudden dip in temperature (whilst remaining dry - fat chance) and I can debut them. Am hoping that wearing them will double as resistance work because they are hella heavy. Lots of hardware. Maybe it will stop be falling over in high heels too?

The other thing to look forward to is the arrival of new Sass & Bide grey marle rats leggings. I have lived in the original Black Rats for the last year, so the prospect of a new pair is really too much. In just over 3 days time, when my brother arrives from Melbourne with said leggings, I can have an evening of 'guess what goes with these'. An integral event in any item being invited into my wardrobe although the absence of a mirror in my bedroom means I have to keep hotfooting it into the bathroom for a good look.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Hot In The City

I am melting here in the office, yet outside it is bucketing it down. I wore my lovely Paul Smith brogues today with shorts to try and do the keeping cool whilst keeping your feet dry thing going on. But on reflection maybe I should have worn a swimsuit. It would serve you well on the tube as I know I'll sweat profusely and it might freak people out and give me the chance of an emptier carriage than normal.

The Beginnings of Blogging

I am well aware that the next thing I need to do on this blog is get the photo situation sorted. I am very green when it comes to all of this, so whilst I am used to reading a fair few blogs I am very confused as to the legalities of posting amazing photos from the Internet, how to credit them etc.

Of course the other thing to do is start taking photos myself. The problem them becomes not one of legalities but personal squeamishness. I hate myself in photos. There are about 5 photos in existence that I like of myself, and most of them were taken a good 10 / 15 years ago. Perhaps I do the old cut off my head style that Susie Bubble used to do? I doubt I'll ever have the ability to take a shot that is worthy is Garance Dore or Jane Aldridge. I wonder what cameras they use...

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The End Is In Sight...

Well, I haven't posted for a long while. I've been working, which of course means I've also been shopping. But next week I finish my job (voluntarily I might add).

In that time my buying has gone from restrained (I didn't buy a designer shoe in nearly 4 months) to bonkers (I bought a pair of Alexander Wang booties and Maloles black flat boots in one day, something I can ill afford to do).

With just 7 more days to go at work I am waiting for that fateful day - the clear out. A time to refresh, rejig and cut my wardrobe in two. Hopefully that will mean I can access the clothes I actually want to wear, rather than squirrel around like this morning only to end up wearing the same style of American Apparel skirt I always wear. However, I have tried a departure from the norm in rewearing in my Paul and Joe Sister sandals. I know I will have a blister by the end of the day, but I feel I need to actually start wearing my shoe collection.
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