Monday, 10 August 2009

Warning! Entering Somerset - Wear Something Ugly

I've just had a great weekend away with 'the pub quiz lot', as they are known collectively. Somerset in the sun is really quite a treat. We were so lucky with the weather - blue skies, no rain, no humidity and ACTUAL SUN, so it meant the world was our oyster.

I think going down to the West Country might be a bit like the fashion Bermuda triangle however. As soon as I get down there normal fashion rules go out of the window and I find myself wearing trainers with socks (sexy), too big cut of denim shorts that fall down as I walk and horrid thick knit cardies. Yet I'd travelled down in a rather neat floral tube skirt / white shoulder pad tee shirt combo. Why is fashion so place dependent, huh? Or am I just lazy?

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