Monday, 29 March 2010

Book of the Month - The Given Day

In the last month I have been pretty much surgically attached to the Lisbeth Salander books. But I took a breather between 1 & 2 to read The Given Day by Dennis Lehane. Set in Boston just after WWI, it's an amazing historical novel that takes in race, class, baseball, unionisation and that old chestnut - redemption. That doesn't make it sound great, but it really is. Or at least I thought so.

Hair Issues - Fringes...yes or no?

Sad but true. 

Five weeks after my new not very noticeable haircut I want a change. 

I want a fringe again. I've just grown the fringe out and can tie it back, but there is something about one that I love. It feels too harsh to tie hair back without one. Also, I've been looking at the Tavi pics, and I love her hair. I love a 13 year old's hair. What is going on? But also Beyonce's in the new Lady Gaga Telephone video is compounding the want. I've already blogged about how much I love Beyonce's Bettie Page look in Video Phone, and in Telephone she pretty much reprises it once again. It's so rad it makes me want to get bangs, wear liquid eye liner and MAC lipstick all day.

Shoe of the Week - Maison Martin Margiela

Friday, 19 March 2010

Camera Crisis

Slight issues on holiday. Dad broke my new camera *doh*. Then bought me a new one. Then someone mended my old one. Have taken photos. Will update soon.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Australia Update


I got to Australia with a slightly larger than intended capsule wardrobe.

So far we have had 3 dinners - all of which were outside (something that would NOT happen back in London). Yesterday I went a little pink on the arms from the sun, but today I am ready with sun lotion, why is it that Brits abroad always think they'll be okay in the blazing hot sun after 5 months under many layers?

Future plans here include kayaking, climbing, gold prospecting, swimming in the Fitzroy outdoor 50m pool and of course, shopping. Although I have already managed to buy a Philip Lim dress and a random black sequin bra.
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