Monday, 30 November 2009

Topshop, Liberty & Fortnum and Mason

I took a step in the right direction this weekend with a few stocking fillers during the two minor outings I took (the weather was so disgusting it was not the time for endurance shopping).

So, some SCP goodies, F&M beauties (I've never really ventured above the food hall, turns out I was stupid not to) and bargains. I can't write what the stocking fillers are in case family members read this, but I couldn't resist a cake tin in Fortnum that rocks. Will post a pic of the beautiful results later. It really is to die for.

On Saturday any thoughts of buying something for myself was pooh poohed by my Mother, who disliked EVERYTHING I took a shine to - from these shoes by Topshop to the Eames elephant in Liberty.

Oh well, I suppose Christmas is on the way! And I'm meant to be on this shoe diet.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Antipodium Boner Fide Volume Dress from ASOS

Saw this dress today on - I really like it. Totally impractical and would look shit on me, but it sings! Sings to be worn!

And it's also £219 which is a bit much for this time of year when I should be buying things for other people. Still, a girl has to keep an eye out for a great buy, non?

Old Lady Shoes & Broaches - An Outfit To Retire In

Shoes from a charity shop in Taunton, they cost £4.99. Aren't they lovely? I feel like a little old lady pottering along, apart from the skinny jeans. I like to pair them with the world's thickest socks - so a world travelling granny who has perhaps just stashed her tricycle with the courier basket around the corner whilst she pops into the corner shop to get her spam and crumpets.

And as I get all whimsical about my inner little old lady, I thought I'd post a pic of the neckline of my sweater. It's a just a plain grey sweater from Uniqlo, but I added a few choice broaches / brooches from my collection a few years ago and never really taken them off. I love wearing this top. I feel like it's the modern way to do old lady broach-chic, if that is even a term, which it probably isn't. Ho hum.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Liberty - The Store That Makes Me Happy!

Last night I got round to opening a big mound of post. Bills, Boden catalogues (they send millions, why?) and a Liberty voucher!

Yes, I have £150 to spend in Liberty's. Admittedly I had to spend mind boggling amounts on sofas, wishbone chairs and lights to get it, but still, I have £150!

Already my little old brain is scanning the back-log of wants, greed and lust associated with Liberty's. What will I buy? Argh!

Current thinking - outrageous small luxury gifts blow out for family and friends (luxury candles, designer nik naks, beautiful notebooks), a designer piece like a Christopher Kane t-shirt that at £200 I normally JUST CAN'T JUSTIFY, but maybe for effectively £50 I could, the world's most indulgent set of Christmas decorations (to partner the ones I have already).

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Alexander Wang - The Lust Continues

Being one of those people that is slightly too fat (it's sad but true that a British 12 with tits is considered 'fat' but that's fashion for you) for normal designer clothes, it's always been the accessories that have got me going.

Am loving the new offerings from Alexander Wang, particularly the American football as handbag. I wonder if they'll be in stock next time I go to Barneys? Coming to think of it, I wonder when I'll next go to Barneys?

Oh, and I forgot to say, the shoes ain't too shabby either! I love the little slither of perspex on the heel *faints*.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Who Shall I Be Today?

Tonight I’m going to see New Moon with my Mum. I’m already all decked out in black for the occasion. Black rats leggings, American Apparel t-shirt dress, Kate Moss for Topshop tassel jacket and Clarks jazz shoes (so comfortable).

I think that’s why I love clothes. I may not be the snazziest dresser, or the most out there but regardless, my clothes give me the opportunity to take on another character, channel an emotion or feel a part of a group. Some days I my outfits make me feel like a Santa Fe resident, a little Georgia O’Keefe mixed with pueblo arts and crafts, other days a leather jacket and ripped jeans give the slacker cool of a 1980’s East Village hipster, and a little Zara boucle jacket and American Apparel pencil skirt gets me all Left Bank, especially if I’m rocking a black and white colour scheme.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Liberty's Christmas Shop - the only weakness of the weekend

I think I did well this weekend. Why? Because I did not buy a pair of shoes! Woo hoo. Go me. Punches air with fist!

In fact, the only things I bought were Christmas decorations from Liberty's (I was like a kid in there, it is just divine, actually not like a kid, because kids tend not to have enough money to buy 50 quids worth of decorations) and a heat tech thermal top from Uniqlo because people, it is getting cold out there.

I do quite like the Christmas period. I get a bit stressed about the pointless gift giving which feels like giving for givings sake and I know it will ALL go to Charity shops in the New Year(you know - uncles, aunts, cousins etc) but I love the decorative side of things. It's about the only time left when everyone seems to put a real effort into their home - Christmas trees, table centre pieces, table cloths. The whole shebang. And now I can start doing the same with my lovely Liberty decorations (and some random charity shops one I got for 99p).

p.s. Apologies for the crappy picture, I'll take some proper snaps with my camera tonight - especially the dog decoration. So cute! So not cheap!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

When the shoe addiction began...

Last week visiting my Mum in Somerset I was reminded of just how great shoes are, and how they can transport you back to a time and a place. These are some of my first ever shoes that my parents kept. Aren't they amazing?

Friday, 20 November 2009

Daul Kim & Christopher Kane for Topshop

It wasn't long ago, but when the Christopher Kane collection for Topshop was released I spent ages cutting out pics of Daul Kim for my inspiration scrapbook.

She died yesterday, aged 20. It's all very sad. I love this video of her, she looked totally fierce.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Shoe I Won't Buy

I know that I said no to anymore shoes, but look at these! Pretty, non? They were on Garance Dore's site designed by a woman named Tabitha Simmons. I've noticed her stuff on, but holy crap they are expensive (£1,000+) so they remain safely in fantasy territory, even for me!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Shoes - why booze and t'internet don't mix

Just drunkenly bought YSL classic black tribs. Arghhhhhh. Ebay, huh? You see something on for 9 days 20 hours and think! I got there first! Better grab a bargain! And now I am £100 poorer and 6 inches higher. Ha!

P.s. - I am now on a self imposed shoe diet. No more shoes for a while. Must not buy shoes. Repeat, must not buy shoes.

Edit - these arrived on Saturday morning. They are amazing. The height is pretty scary, and the heel rather unstable, but they do give the leg and ankle great shape. Will do an outfit post soon - they look killer with skinny jeans!

Shoes What I Want

In case anyone was wondering what to buy me for Christmas (okay, Dad) here are some really nice shoes.

Top to bottom: Louise Goldin for Topshop (release date tbc), Charlotte Olympia Carmen Wedges (from Net a Porter), Alaia cut out wedges (the Outnet, but not in my size), Acne (Browns).

Hint hint.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Ebay Black Hole

Just spent an hour on ebay. Terrible. Suddenly you want all these things. I end up trawling pages and pages on the off chance. There are a pair of the Vivienne Westwood platform heels I've wanted for an age, but they are a size 5 and £500! Gulp.

The one thing really tempting me are the Lady Dior bags. I've had my eye on the style for a while. A couple of years ago it would have felt horrendously dated, but now is the right time to be toting one, I just know it.

The Kooples - Coming to London in 2010!

In Paris this Summer I came across a brand called The Kooples - they have quite a few stores and concessions in department stores too (click on the title to see the French website).

I love the feel of the brand - and it's on the way here! Which means I have at least a couple of months to perfect my badass rock look.

UPDATE - LONDON STORES - information here

Monday, 16 November 2009

Things To Think About This Week

Am feeling a bit porky this week (need to start running again) and as a result just pulling on the same old comfy Topshop Jamie jeans and baggy tops. These are the pictures that I am hoping will make me drag my lazy ass out of bed at 6.30 am for a clearing run through Hyde Park. I know that once I'm out there I'll enjoy it - it's just a bit of a shock to the system and then in a couple of weeks time I'll be back to enjoying my clothes again.

Why I MUST Craft More

I hope Scott at The Sartorialist doesn't mind me posting this - I just love the collar on this guy's shirt. I bought studs to try punking up my jeans, but studs are pretty uncomfortable next to the skin, so maybe this is a way to use them?

After I've done my laundry, made a carrot soup and downloaded the pics I took this weekend, I may try some DIY outfitting this evening.

Edit - okay maybe not tonight. But I did get the carrot soup and laundry done.

Weekend Excitment

This weekend whilst staying in Somerset with my Mum we had a power cut. The awful storms took down the power line and the whole village was without electricity.

I haven't experienced a power cut in the countryside for such a long time, especially in the winter. What can you do in a pitch black house with a few candles? So we made a roaring fire, boiled water in a saucepan and got the red wine out. My Mum and I came up with perhaps not the best idea - a jigsaw. By candlelight.

Before the power outage we'd gone shopping in Taunton and raided the charity shops. Will post a run down of my finds later on (a hint: total granny chic).

Friday, 13 November 2009

Crap Hair - Help!

After the shock of a dentist visit yesterday in which I was told I need more wisdom teeth out and a crown that will cost squillions I found myself somewhat numb.

It was only 9.30am and I'd been in the dentists chair for an hour, but at least Whistles was open in Blackheath.

So in I went and bought a dress in the sale (potentially good for my bro's wedding) and a lovely slub jersey t-shirt. I'm wearing the t-shirt today, wanting to be Kate Lanphear (again) and failing. How good does she look in a plain white slub tee? I think the main thing holding me back is my hair. Her hair is AMAZING, non? My self worth falls by about a million percent every time I see a picture of just how freaking awesome this woman is.

Am crap with hair. It's a long chin length and needs a cut but I can't decide on anything. Does anyone have any ideas? Comments welcome...

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Ankle Boots - Greed and Wanting NEVER ENDS

Last night I was rushing home to in time to be fed when out of the corner of my eye I spied Miss LaLa's on Monmouth Street, and more specifically the Melissa for Vivienne Westwood ankle welly boots that I'm rather intrigued by.

I've never been in to Miss LaLa's because, I confess the girly twee name really puts me off. It just feels too cloying for me, but once inside the place seemed friendly and the Vivienne Westwoods are just as good in the flesh as they are in the tiny pictures I've seen in magazines. Then my phone rang and dinner was on the table so I had to dash.

You can buy these ones on for £75, but the ones I really want (that I can't even find a decent picture of online) are the black with gold button detail ones.

If I ever get a chance I'll be buying a pair, but with concerts, Japanese lessons and trips to Somerset I don't know when that will be. Shops should really think about opening until 10pm - what's the point in them being opening exactly during the same times that I'm cooped up in the office, huh?

Monday, 9 November 2009

Grace Coddington T-Shirt

Here is my Deer Dana T-shirt worn with pride on Saturday. I literally put it on standing in my hallway and snapped this. How childish am I?

Bocca Di Lupo

Whenever I've tried to eat at Bocca Di Lupo in the past I've phoned up and been offered a table at 11.00pm on a school night.

This is clearly not on, but, having eaten there finally this Saturday, it's something that I may well consider in future.

Because quite simply Bocca Di Lupo is the best place I've eaten at this year in London. To start with the company was good (hi ya S & B) and the night was one full of promise, so that's always a sign of good times. But it was more too. The dining room is well designed, buzzy without being loud or overbearing and the service was friendly and informative.

We were directed to a great red wine, the Ulysse Etna, the kind of wine that makes you realise the shit you put up with in crap pubs (or even nice pubs) and supermarket deals. I just had a peek at the wine list online to write this and noticed the cocktails, and already I'm planning on consuming a Cherry Pop and Gin Lemon on my next visit.

The menu itself was broad and inventive. You can order large or small dishes, mixing and matching to create the perfect meal. It's recommended you order 2 or 3 dishes each, but there are mains choices for those like all their dinner to come on one plate. We had the tortiglioni, one with with percorino, and one with pecorino and guanciale. Both were incredibly generous portions for £5 - £6 and just delicious. We decided as a group that the meat products of the humble pig are the best - like butter and salt there is not much that a liberal helping of smoked bacon / pork belly can't improve upon.

We also tried the fried mozzarella balls, the cuttlefish ink risotto, a white polenta and seafood dish and radicchio. The three of us ate very well and even struggled to finished the last morsels. As far as my rapidly expanding tummy was aware there were no bum notes in these dishes.

With a bill of £77 including service I personally thought the place was a bargain. The food was genuinely top notch, so £25 a head for me is a steal.

I will return, even it is past the witching hour...

The 4 F's

Saturday was a great day - friends, fireworks, food and foxtrots!

First off - discovered the magnificence that is food at Bocca di Lupo in Soho - will write a full review later.

Then - fireworks on Blackheath. Still the best in London. FACT.

And to round it all off - the Rivoli Ballroom in Crofton Park, Lewisham. It is amazing. A proper old fashioned 1950's ballroom, even the toilets are really 'powder rooms'. It was so beautiful in a garish, wonderful way. And it was nice to do something at night that wasn't so segregated by age - people were 70 years old doing the tango, or in their twenties hitting the sprung ballroom with a samba. It was great! The only embarrassment is that, despite growing up in Lewisham and living there until I was 22 I have never been. But I will be going again, but this time all dressed up and with some basic dance skills.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Bonfire Night Fireworks - What to wear?

Thursday was Bonfire night here in the UK, which for me can only mean one thing - fireworks on Blackheath! I can't remember the first time I went to see them there, it must have been when I was about 5 or 6, but I fell in love with them and for me they are the ultimate fireworks display. Ever. No other fireworks come close. 4th of July? The Beijing Olympics? NYE? Please...

The best thing about fireworks on Blackheath is they are reassuringly similar, with code of practice to follow for all time. You must eat warming foot before departure to the heath. You must wear a woolly had and gloves. Your Mum (and then later yourself, acting on behalf of you Mum) will put you in your warmest coat, sensible boots with two pairs of socks or maybe wellies if it's raining. And then walk to the heath with quite literally tens of thousands of other people and oooh and aahhh in unison.

Already I am thinking about what I will pull on to remain warm and snugly when I go to watch the fireworks with my friends on a cold November night. I will 100% be wearing Australian tube socks, my camo coat and probably Uggs (they are warm, people), but then I think I want this hat from Topshop for a tenner. Click on the title at the top to buy it...

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

HRH for Topshop - Top Fantasy Shopping Moments

Today I joked on Twitter than the Queen should design a range for Topshop a la Kate Moss.

Now I am thinking she totally should! My friends already know I have a bit of a thing for the Queen...not like that you dirty lot, I just think she holds herself rather well and seems pretty damn cool. Corgis, horses, highland dancing, breakfast cereal in Tupperware. Much like me. Okay, just the Tupperware.

Look at these pictures of her style. A Topshop moment would be amazing...admit it.

P.s. Pictures were on The Queen's website - I hope you don't mind official Queenie lot, I'm only being nice x

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

La Trouvaille: The Verdict

Last night was parental restaurant night - 3rd week running - this time with Mum AND Dad.

We were madly unlucky with our first two choices (a Monday, honestly) with Yalla Yalla fully booked and a 20 minute wait at Mildreds. So we ended up exploring a new option, and I am glad we did. The place is called La Trouvaille, it's on Newburgh St, running parallel to Carnaby Street, and it felt like a little corner of Paris that sneaked over on the Eurostar.

We sat at the wine bar downstairs, although there is also a restaurant upstairs Tuesday to Saturday. The place feels 'authentic' and sounded authentic too - at least half the patrons were French, and the staff were too. If you can't afford to cross the Channel to practise your French, I'd suggest you come here!

The three of us went for the meat and cheese sharing platter, meant for two, and wines by the glass (the wine list was great, and at £4 - £6.50 by the glass very reasonable too). Wines were also available by the bottle, or as our waiter said "by the bucket" too. See, the French can do non pretentious very well. Our wines were all excellent - much tastier than standard pub or restaurant fare which served to remind me of what rubbish booze I usually put up with.

I'll be back! Possibly writing my novel and pretending I'm on the Left Bank.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Ms Blow and the best pic ever

I wish I'd met Isabella Blow. I'm sure she was wonderful.

Can I also add this image has been altered - I nicked it off popbitch about a squillion years ago. And if my brother sees this photo I am sure it will become his new greeting to me.

Televisual Delights: Spiral

Britain is well known for creating great telly. I think our formats count for something like 60% of those sold throughout the world, which for a small nation ain't that bad.

But every once in a while you are reminded how much TV we miss out on just because we are so successful at it - and consequently don't need to buy much in to fill air time.

BBC4 is great for capturing the gems that might otherwise go unnoticed. First there was Wallander - the amazing Swedish film length drama series that took over my life, and until last night there was Spiral II, or in it's original French 'Engrenages' - literally 'cogs'.

I watched the first series of Spiral a few years ago and loved it. The second series was just as good. It is an amazing piece of television - sexy, suspenseful and well acted.

I don't want to give the game away - just watch it!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Anthropologie, Regent Street: The Verdict

I took my first trip to Anthropologie yesterday. I must admit to having mixed feelings. I've always loved the New York store, and bought a few knits, dresses, pieces of jewellery etc. The torture was always the homewares section - how do you take the delicious china and tablewares home on a plane without damage or extreme packing skills?

So, the arrival of Anthropologie was greeted with some excitement. The shop itself looks great. It's stunning, with wide open spaces, the wall of living plants, the merchandise has been well displayed and the stock for the most part seems beautiful (I'm more of a plain clothes person, so many of the shabby chic items and patterned dresses don't do it for me).

But...and there is a but...the price! Oh my, it is expensive. Why would I spend £178 on a dress, when I could buy a Topshop one for £40 or a designer one from Liberty for £350? And even a plain jersey cardie with a bit of ruching on it was £88! You could buy something similar in M&S for £22. It really was gut wrenchingly pricey.

The gorgeous stuff for me was the homewares and nicknacks, but with jigsaws at £150+ and handmade Christmas decorations starting at £14, this little shopper will be sticking to her charity shops for her beautiful one off pieces that actually ARE vintage rather than aged at a cost.

Green Uglies (my Mum's term, not a technical one) - various charity shops & ebay

Doggy Jigsaw - Newcastle charity shop, £2.99 (beat THAT Anthropologie)

Freida Kahlo Bottle - random folk art fair in New Mexico thanks to Mum & Dad
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