Friday, 27 November 2009

Old Lady Shoes & Broaches - An Outfit To Retire In

Shoes from a charity shop in Taunton, they cost £4.99. Aren't they lovely? I feel like a little old lady pottering along, apart from the skinny jeans. I like to pair them with the world's thickest socks - so a world travelling granny who has perhaps just stashed her tricycle with the courier basket around the corner whilst she pops into the corner shop to get her spam and crumpets.

And as I get all whimsical about my inner little old lady, I thought I'd post a pic of the neckline of my sweater. It's a just a plain grey sweater from Uniqlo, but I added a few choice broaches / brooches from my collection a few years ago and never really taken them off. I love wearing this top. I feel like it's the modern way to do old lady broach-chic, if that is even a term, which it probably isn't. Ho hum.

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