Monday, 30 November 2009

Topshop, Liberty & Fortnum and Mason

I took a step in the right direction this weekend with a few stocking fillers during the two minor outings I took (the weather was so disgusting it was not the time for endurance shopping).

So, some SCP goodies, F&M beauties (I've never really ventured above the food hall, turns out I was stupid not to) and bargains. I can't write what the stocking fillers are in case family members read this, but I couldn't resist a cake tin in Fortnum that rocks. Will post a pic of the beautiful results later. It really is to die for.

On Saturday any thoughts of buying something for myself was pooh poohed by my Mother, who disliked EVERYTHING I took a shine to - from these shoes by Topshop to the Eames elephant in Liberty.

Oh well, I suppose Christmas is on the way! And I'm meant to be on this shoe diet.

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