Monday, 23 November 2009

Liberty's Christmas Shop - the only weakness of the weekend

I think I did well this weekend. Why? Because I did not buy a pair of shoes! Woo hoo. Go me. Punches air with fist!

In fact, the only things I bought were Christmas decorations from Liberty's (I was like a kid in there, it is just divine, actually not like a kid, because kids tend not to have enough money to buy 50 quids worth of decorations) and a heat tech thermal top from Uniqlo because people, it is getting cold out there.

I do quite like the Christmas period. I get a bit stressed about the pointless gift giving which feels like giving for givings sake and I know it will ALL go to Charity shops in the New Year(you know - uncles, aunts, cousins etc) but I love the decorative side of things. It's about the only time left when everyone seems to put a real effort into their home - Christmas trees, table centre pieces, table cloths. The whole shebang. And now I can start doing the same with my lovely Liberty decorations (and some random charity shops one I got for 99p).

p.s. Apologies for the crappy picture, I'll take some proper snaps with my camera tonight - especially the dog decoration. So cute! So not cheap!

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