Thursday, 26 November 2009

Liberty - The Store That Makes Me Happy!

Last night I got round to opening a big mound of post. Bills, Boden catalogues (they send millions, why?) and a Liberty voucher!

Yes, I have £150 to spend in Liberty's. Admittedly I had to spend mind boggling amounts on sofas, wishbone chairs and lights to get it, but still, I have £150!

Already my little old brain is scanning the back-log of wants, greed and lust associated with Liberty's. What will I buy? Argh!

Current thinking - outrageous small luxury gifts blow out for family and friends (luxury candles, designer nik naks, beautiful notebooks), a designer piece like a Christopher Kane t-shirt that at £200 I normally JUST CAN'T JUSTIFY, but maybe for effectively £50 I could, the world's most indulgent set of Christmas decorations (to partner the ones I have already).

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