Monday, 9 November 2009

Bocca Di Lupo

Whenever I've tried to eat at Bocca Di Lupo in the past I've phoned up and been offered a table at 11.00pm on a school night.

This is clearly not on, but, having eaten there finally this Saturday, it's something that I may well consider in future.

Because quite simply Bocca Di Lupo is the best place I've eaten at this year in London. To start with the company was good (hi ya S & B) and the night was one full of promise, so that's always a sign of good times. But it was more too. The dining room is well designed, buzzy without being loud or overbearing and the service was friendly and informative.

We were directed to a great red wine, the Ulysse Etna, the kind of wine that makes you realise the shit you put up with in crap pubs (or even nice pubs) and supermarket deals. I just had a peek at the wine list online to write this and noticed the cocktails, and already I'm planning on consuming a Cherry Pop and Gin Lemon on my next visit.

The menu itself was broad and inventive. You can order large or small dishes, mixing and matching to create the perfect meal. It's recommended you order 2 or 3 dishes each, but there are mains choices for those like all their dinner to come on one plate. We had the tortiglioni, one with with percorino, and one with pecorino and guanciale. Both were incredibly generous portions for £5 - £6 and just delicious. We decided as a group that the meat products of the humble pig are the best - like butter and salt there is not much that a liberal helping of smoked bacon / pork belly can't improve upon.

We also tried the fried mozzarella balls, the cuttlefish ink risotto, a white polenta and seafood dish and radicchio. The three of us ate very well and even struggled to finished the last morsels. As far as my rapidly expanding tummy was aware there were no bum notes in these dishes.

With a bill of £77 including service I personally thought the place was a bargain. The food was genuinely top notch, so £25 a head for me is a steal.

I will return, even it is past the witching hour...

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