Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Who Shall I Be Today?

Tonight I’m going to see New Moon with my Mum. I’m already all decked out in black for the occasion. Black rats leggings, American Apparel t-shirt dress, Kate Moss for Topshop tassel jacket and Clarks jazz shoes (so comfortable).

I think that’s why I love clothes. I may not be the snazziest dresser, or the most out there but regardless, my clothes give me the opportunity to take on another character, channel an emotion or feel a part of a group. Some days I my outfits make me feel like a Santa Fe resident, a little Georgia O’Keefe mixed with pueblo arts and crafts, other days a leather jacket and ripped jeans give the slacker cool of a 1980’s East Village hipster, and a little Zara boucle jacket and American Apparel pencil skirt gets me all Left Bank, especially if I’m rocking a black and white colour scheme.

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