Sunday, 1 November 2009

Anthropologie, Regent Street: The Verdict

I took my first trip to Anthropologie yesterday. I must admit to having mixed feelings. I've always loved the New York store, and bought a few knits, dresses, pieces of jewellery etc. The torture was always the homewares section - how do you take the delicious china and tablewares home on a plane without damage or extreme packing skills?

So, the arrival of Anthropologie was greeted with some excitement. The shop itself looks great. It's stunning, with wide open spaces, the wall of living plants, the merchandise has been well displayed and the stock for the most part seems beautiful (I'm more of a plain clothes person, so many of the shabby chic items and patterned dresses don't do it for me).

But...and there is a but...the price! Oh my, it is expensive. Why would I spend £178 on a dress, when I could buy a Topshop one for £40 or a designer one from Liberty for £350? And even a plain jersey cardie with a bit of ruching on it was £88! You could buy something similar in M&S for £22. It really was gut wrenchingly pricey.

The gorgeous stuff for me was the homewares and nicknacks, but with jigsaws at £150+ and handmade Christmas decorations starting at £14, this little shopper will be sticking to her charity shops for her beautiful one off pieces that actually ARE vintage rather than aged at a cost.

Green Uglies (my Mum's term, not a technical one) - various charity shops & ebay

Doggy Jigsaw - Newcastle charity shop, £2.99 (beat THAT Anthropologie)

Freida Kahlo Bottle - random folk art fair in New Mexico thanks to Mum & Dad


xAZD said...

i think anthropologie is a great store! thanks for your review,


sevendialsgirl said...

It is a great store - but so much cheaper in the US, it's always the same when we get your shops - Urban Oufitters is expensive here too.

I love your site - so creative! You've made me think I should dig out the craft box stuffed in the cupboard.

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