Friday, 30 October 2009

The Weekend List

Things to do this weekend:

Visit the new Anthropologie on Regent Street.

Thin out my overflowing t-shirt / jersey top drawer (I can't see a thing).

Go to the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the RA (this may be a Daddy trip).

Learn my Japanese vocab.

Book a hotel in Japan.

Pick up my UPS package from Kenitsh Town - is it my boots? Or a Grace Coddington tribute tee? Want one?

Buy it here Picture thanks to Deer Dana.


pumpkin said...

Did you make it to Anish Kapoor? I was planning to head home for it, as the stupid buggers are closing it before Chrimbo, but sadly looks increasingly unlikely (visa, flights home, yada yada).

sevendialsgirl said...

Yes, it was brill. Will it not come to NY? If not boo. I will ask them personally to keep it open for you The best bit was the big sliding wax slab that slowly moved through 4 galleries splodging against the arches. Or I could recreate it with some butter and a dolls house?

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