Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Great Katexpectations

Kate Lanphear.

I just love her look. Pared down and casual but with piles of accessories. She doesn't have her own tribute blog. I know!

I've never been one for too much in the clothes department. I go with American Apparel and Uniqlo, simple cheap basics and make the shoes, bags and other stuff do the talking. Simples. As one famous meerkat would say.

P.S. - can you tell I was watching the adverts when I posted this last night? Oh dear. Why does a meerkate in a jacuzzi fill me with glee?


Coco said...

She is amazing! She makes even simple outfits look great.

sevendialsgirl said...

I know, and so consistent in her style too - she's fashionable without following it. I wish I could walk in heels that high.

Thanks for reading x

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