Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tight Deadline

Yesterday I wore my new Henry Holland faux suspender tights to work. With a dress. Don't worry. I liked them too. They cost £10, which isn't Wolford expensive, but hardly M&S cheap and cheerful either.

I was happy all day. I liked the cheekiness of knowing I had them on with my preppy dress and felt safe in the knowledge that if my dress rode up whilst walking all anyone would see would be the faux suspender / knicker detail of the tights.

And then I got home, tugged them up and promptly ripped them. I cannot wear ripped tights like all these young tykes who I see in the streets and their patron saint Peaches Geldof. It is wrong. We spent anguished hours at secondary school with clear nail polish trying to fix this common wardrobe woe. Sadly the tights were not fixable and went in the bin. £10 gone in less than 24 hours.

Maybe I should buy the expensive scarf instead...

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