Thursday, 15 October 2009

Life Yesterday - Moderate to Good.

Fail on the boot front. Instead am wearing my over the knee Marc boots with Topshop's new skinniest ever jean cut, the Jamie (they ain't lying, they are super skinny on the lower leg and ankle). And I am busting out the new Something Else tee by Natalie Wood, an Australian designer whose designs always grab me and then I realise it's by her - you know when that happens? Anyways, I'm a fan. Here's her site if you are interested:

Oh, and also I saw the woman with the Alexander Wang bag on the tube last night. Happily she was not in her full on fabulous get up. The bag, yes, but otherwise it was a purple jeans / burgundy sweat top combo that screamed 'hangover day'. I wasn't exactly Anna Wintour yesterday, but I held my head a little higher.

But the most exciting thing I did last night was meet up with the girls. We went to see Up at Empire in Leicester Square where the Fantastic Mr Fox was premiering for the London Film Festival Gala. We got to walk the self same red carpet that Mr Clooney had walked but 15 minutes earlier. Because the red carpet was there with full on security everyone thought the cinema was closed, but it wasn't, and we saw Up with about 10 other people - probably the emptiest screening in the whole of London! It was a wonderful film. The short was just precious and the main feature was adult, silly and beautifully rendered. I cried my little eyes out in a good way and will never look at a dog with it's tail in the air in the same way. Thank you Pixar. Two hours with you are always two hours well spent.

(picture of Alexander Wang bag thanks to bagsnob)

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