Monday, 19 October 2009

What Next?

There are many things I wanted to accomplish this weekend that I didn't. I had a lovely list written at the back of my notepad during my Import / Export course (oops) and almost none of them were achieved. Not even the gym. I have to start the fitness regime again as already I can feel bad habits slipping back and I love having a goal to push myself towards.

Thoughts so far are: London Marathon, running a 50min 10K race, Escape from Alcatraz, Marathon or Half Marathon in Japan. Oooooh. Believe it or not this actually gets be excited.


MissMtheBeekeeper said...

I'll run the British 10K in July with you, or is that too far away?

sevendialsgirl said...

No, that would be great x We can natter as we run and pretend we are like the girls from Grazia who run together!

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