Friday, 23 October 2009


Once upon a time a girl ordered a pair of shoes. They were beautiful ankle high flat boots with sort of Victoriana feel from Urban Outfitters in the States. As the girl did not reside in America she had them sent to the house of her brother was renting at the time in New York.

The girl waited and waited for the boots to arrive. But they were out of stock and delayed by over two months. The wait was excruciating, but she tried to remain patient. Then, one cold dark day she got an email that said they had been shipped. Rejoice!

She tracked the parcel, and as luck would have it, when the girl was actually staying in New York with her brother it said they had been delivered and the parcel had been signed for. But she didn't have the shoes. The foreman of the building had signed for the girl's shoes and left them outside the apartment door inside the building. But a big bad wolf had stolen the parcel and the girl never got her shoes.

And now, a full year later the girl looks on the US Urban Outfitters site and sees the boots in grey (not brown) in the sale. Should she order them? The shipping is $50, which is major expensive...

Sigh. She will have to think about the possibility of a fairy tale ending. No one told her a nice ending would be so expensive.

Edit - I did it! They are mine. Another bad day at work (thanks to a mean press office). I know, two pairs of shoes in a week. Quite normal for me worryingly. Here's a pic. Will be mine in 5 - 7 days!

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