Thursday, 29 October 2009

Sock it to me

I hate winter for one reason - having to wear socks. I hate socks, but I hate having cold feet even more. And because I hate socks I always neglect buying them. The only ones I really put any thought into are sports socks, otherwise we're talking cheapo M&S and even cheaper Primark. But socks that are black and manky might mean they match when they come out of the machine, but they look rubbish with shoes.

So, on seeing Tabio on Neal Street was open last night I popped in a actually bought socks. Black with gold glitter and greenish with bronze glitter, I think they'll look spanking with brogues and jazz shoes and skinny jeans.

And as a present to myself I bought these tights too. Can't wait to wear them, all I need to do is shave my legs first - never let it be said my life isn't constant glamour.

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