Thursday, 22 October 2009

Why Charity Shops and Bin Diving Rocks

I love charity shops. I'm lucky that my Mum has taught me how to be a good 'charity shopper'. You need patience, a good eye, a quirky sense of what's valuable and the willingness to chat to old ladies nicely. Once you can do that the world is your oyster. These are some lovely things we've picked up(and a bus driving game from a skip in Lewisham). As my Mum would say, "Who would throw this out?". We are very lucky we seem to covet the stuff that others seem to no longer want. Ever since I was a kid the majority of our house was charity in origin, and I think my Mum's style really influenced my own, especially home wares. She was all Anthropologie before it existed in terms of shabby chic and eclecticism. I'll keep posting some her greatest hits - be warned, she knows how to get a real bargain.

All I need now is someone to chuck an Hermes bag. I have found one fake one for £5.99 in a Newcastle Cancer Research, but alas, nothing more.

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