Thursday, 6 May 2010

Fantasy Shoe Of The Week - Charlotte Olympia

I just love Charlotte Olympia shoes. Charlotte Dellal, the designer has a unique voice in the world of shoes - you can tell her creations a mile off, and unlike some other designers the styles don't seem forced or try hard. She is as rad as her designs - her look is part 1940's siren mixed with modern day London attitude. 

The exciting thing in that she's just opened a stand alone store for the first time on Maddox Street, just of off Bond St. I will be going along but I might have to leave my wallet at home. 

Update: The shop isn't open yet, but there's a big poster window saying that it's coming soon. I stopped to earwig on a conversation someone was having outside about when it would open, but I started to get funny looks. Cross fingers it's soon!

Her website is - it seems to be down a the moment, but when it's back up I urge you to explore her shoes. I am sure they will be collectors pieces of the future. 

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