Monday, 10 May 2010

When Will It Be Summertime?

It may be May, but winter is still in house. Last week I had to dig out my coat and boots from storage after admitting defeat - it's cold out there in London (and I am reliably informed, pretty much everywhere else in England too). 

Still, I can TRY to force summer to happen by thinking positive, and dressing like I mean it (albeit with jogging bottoms made of wool to keep some warmth in), and in this case that means super bright shoes and a print blouse that just screams TUSCANY! PIMMS OUTDOORS! WHERE'S YOUR SPF? 

So far, this dressing tactic has not yet worked. Next stage in Operation: Summer will be the purchase of roof top furniture. The weather has to change if I've got my roof terrace decked out, right?

Top: Marni 
Trousers: Whistles 
Shoes: Martin Margiela 22

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