Monday, 12 March 2012


First off I must tell you the momentous news... I DID NOT GO TO BARNEY'S. Really. I didn't. In fact for me I didn't shop that much, despite still returning home with two full bags. One bag was actually full of M&Ms, nuts, goji berries, cereal bars and agave nectar so that doesn't count, right? Not all the thrift stores on the Upper East Side were open but enough for me to get a couple of goodies that I was chuffed to bits with. I also went to J Crew for the first time (woah, overpriced much?) and had a quick whizz mostly around the accessories of H&M and F21 which we of course have in England but always seems to stock stuff that sells out in seconds back home. Clearly we have different tastes across the pond. It's a win win shopping situation for me. 

Alexander McQueen x Puma trainers from thrift store
Spinning egg thing
Stackable initial rings from Urban Outfitters 
Hunger Games magazine - sooooo excited for this 
F21 neon bracelets
L.L. Bean duck boots from a thrift store
F21 ring 
Another view of my new Alexander McQueen trainers which went straight on for the flight home

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