Friday, 16 May 2008

Going to Australia

I am going to Melbourne on Monday, and it is causing me some wardrobe headaches. For me this is holiday time, and I like to wear nice clothes when I go away. But for all my daydreaming about looking stylish and stumbling on some hidden gem of a bar where I meet totally cool people, I find myself being practical and balancing my need for fab clothes with the fact that sightseeing means you have to walk everywhere and go from museum to restaurant, shop to shop all day. It's the old I think I'm Carrie, but I'm actually Miranda situation.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I had a brainwave. As it is winter in Oz I could stock up on wet look leggings from American Apparel - edgy and comfy. By day I shall wear them with boots or flat pumps, and by night with my new Louboutins or my favourite Zara grey peep toe brogues that are super high but amazingly easy to walk in and are so on the money it hurts. When Zara are good they are amazing. I have invested in pink, black cracked and silver. It might be too much for my brother, in which case my fail safe are Uniqlo jeans - £20 a pop when bought in the 2 for £40 deal which they run every couple of months, and so great I have stopped buying designer denim. What is the point when the cheap stuff is a better cut, wash and fit?

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