Friday, 16 May 2008

The Last Week Of Work

Well, what with the knowledge that employment is coming to an end, I have been trying to spend less. On the whole this has worked well, until that is I decided to visit the shoe department of Selfridges. In my head I was telling myself all I wanted to do was see the YSL Tribute platforms in the flesh, but my head and my heart are rarely at one when it comes to shoes.

I came, I saw the Tributes (can't say they did it for me) and then I saw the Louboutins...and I was doing okay, but then I did something stupid - yes, I slipped one on, that that was that. £400 quid poorer in seconds. They are white, so I will ruin them in seconds, they are strappy and high, so I will never walk in them anywhere, but they make me into some glam starlet in my mind. And so far I have worn them in my bedroom, too scared even to take a step in them in case I mess up the glossy red soles.

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