Thursday, 23 October 2008

Vampire OCD

Having watched the first few episodes of HBO's new drama, True Blood, I am now a fangbanger too. In that I'm a fan. I don't actually think vampires do exist, so I can't really be a bona fide groupie. Yet. As it's not yet out in the U.K. a brief explanation is needed. 1) It's an Alan Ball of Six Feet Under fame project, 2) It's based on a series of books that are way better than Twilight, and 3) It's great.

Unlike other Vampire related series on TV or the printed page there is none of this no sex rule. So, consequently, True Blood, and the books themselves written by Charlaine Harris are very sexy. Having read the first Sookie Stackhouse mystery and passed it on to my Mum, who loved it too, I have ordered to next 5 in the series. Being a bit of a Vampire aficionado I personally think that both the TV series and the first book are great. It's not that I don't love Buffy - I do, I do, I do, it's just that True Blood is set in the grown up world. Not high school. Being 30 I now feel quite uncomfortable getting my kicks from Vampires as analogy for teenage hormonal quandaries. Plus Bill is fit. Angel always looked like a bit of a meat head.

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