Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Back is Back

I have a bad back. Bad enough for it to stop me sleeping, and even painful enough to go in search of a massage to relieve the pain. It worked for about 30 mins, but it hurts once again. I am now dreading my flight to New York. Planes are uncomfortable enough when you are feeling 100%, when you're not they can be total hell.

Dread is an unusual thing to feel with regards to flying, because usually I love it. I'm one of those people that actually likes airports. I like to wander around them. Watch people embarking on one of their saved for family trips, resented work travel, or emotional reunions. I also enjoy the limbo like quality. People can't phone me, I can't really be asked to do much, and there's no pressure to be a 'good person'. You can hardly exercise or eat well, so it's a welcome relief to just pootle round shops, read Vanity Fair and drink rank airplane wine with lunch at 11.00am.

And one day, one day, I will get an upgrade. ARE YOU LISTENING BRITISH AIRWAYS? No, thought not.

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