Thursday, 20 November 2008

When hair changes everything

Whilst on holiday in the States, I dyed my hair blonde. It was a whim kind of thing, part "Let's do this for Halloween", and part, "I want to be a blonde just once in my life and might as well do it now".

But I couldn't have envisaged just how much it would prevent me from wearing the clothes in my wardrobe. My all black goth ensembles look kinda odd. My rails of Zara dresses (seriously, how damn good is Zara at churning out great dresses at £30 - £80 a pop) with slightly dyke-y blonde choppy locks look like someone's popped a different head on a normal outfit, and floral tea dresses (once a staple) look nuts. The only thing that balances it all out are jeans and American Apparel tops. Which is easy, but not exactly fun, and makes me look like I've nicked the Chanel handbag I'm carrying and nothing like it's real owner.

Do I stick with the dresses down look, or change the hair. Hmmm

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