Friday, 21 November 2008

Those Who Wait...

I find all this credit crunch hard to distinguish from my own personal credit crunch. Having not actually worked a day in the last - wow - nearly 6 months, I have an obvious self imposed spending restriction. But I find myself buying less and less, and I am suspicious that much of that might have to do with listening to too much Radio 4.

But sometimes a crunch brings joy. Witness yesterday and the much hyped Marks and Spencer sale (or 'spectacular' as they termed it). They were offering 20% off throughout the store. The place was heaving. But my Mum and I thought we might as well have a look...god, it works, it really works. The place was crazy. I love that certain group of British women, and I say group because it's nothing to do with class, who can't resist a bloody good shop under the excuse of a bargain.

Anyway, I spied a certain fluffy, totally impractical coat / jacket that I had admired a couple of weeks ago. I had passed up the opportunity to buy it then because although it was gorgeous, it cost £89, and I am crunching. But lo! There it was (I was expecting it to have sold out) and with 20% off that made it...cheaper. I'm not here to do the math. So imagine my surprise when I pay for it and they give me 40% off instead, because of an extra promotion. A great fluffy ball of a coat for fifty something quid. Sold. Thanks M&S. I am almost ashamed to say I physically skipped out of the store, but sometimes the acquiring of stuff does that to a girl.

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