Wednesday, 7 September 2011


As a 90s teenager I was a skater girl. Well, perhaps not a skater girl, more a skater bitch. I hung around with skaters (I didn't skate myself), spending my days sitting at Southbank drinking cheap cider, getting into trouble and having my Mum phone the public telephone by the pier telling me to come home when I stayed out too late on a school night. 

Why do I tell you this? To this day I have a weakness for baggy jeans. The baggier the better, even if today it's paired with Chanel rather than M&S toddler t-shirts worn as crop tops (I shit you not but in my defence it was the 90s) or excessive amounts of Polo Ralph Lauren that you had to save up for all year and snap up in the Selfridges Christmas sales. Oh, the glory years of youth.  

Jacket - Chanel from thrift store in NY 
T shirt - Topshop 
Jeans - H&M
Belt - Charity shop 
Shoes - Chanel 

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