Tuesday, 6 September 2011


These items are the sum total of my Paris splurge, pretty restrained for me, non? 

I saw the t shirt in the window of a shop in St Germain de Pres and went in to buy it. A rather supercilious and very trendy French woman looked me up and down slowly in a not very complementary fashion and said in English, "You do know dis eez for men, yes?" Wow. And yes, which is why I was buying the medium. But thanks anyway. 

And the boots. What a palaver. Give me the simplicity of buying shoes in Liberty or Selfridges any day. I lost count of the number of counters I had to go to with different slips of paper. I almost gave up and walked out...and that was after I'd paid for them.

So. Shops. Not great*. Wine and cheese on the other hand. 10/10.  

*This does not include the vintage shops, which were stunning, but holy mackerel I've never been anywhere so expensive in all my life. But then I've never such designer gear in all my life. And the Chanel bags. If I had a spare 3,800 Euros I sooooo would. 

T shirt - Eleven Paris 
Jeans - Topshop 
Boots - Galleries Lafayette 

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