Monday, 22 February 2010

The perfect footwear for a holiday capsule wardrobe

The problem with lots of shoes is that when it comes to packing there is more choice and hence more headaches about what should be taken away with you. Unless you are packing flats most heels and boots take up a fair bit of room.

I have written 3 different lists of the shoes I want to take with me to Melbourne but so far haven't quite decided on a definitive collection. I always mis-pack in one way or another and never really feel like 'me' when I go on holiday. I like my choice, and with limited options get a little discombobulated. Sad, huh?

These are the shoes languishing outside of my bedroom whilst I decide on the best storage to free up my 2nd bedroom from being "the shoe room" and make it into "the second bedroom" once and for all. I am an equal opportunities shoe freak - Prada or Primark, Christian Louboutin or Charity Shop, I care not if they have something that speaks to me.

Top picture L - R: Pierre Hardy for Gap wooden heeled sandals, Preen for Topshop stiletto sandals, Maloloes boots, Topshop shoe boots.
Middle pic L - R: F-Troupe brogues, Primark wedges, Charlotte Olympia platforms.
Bottom pic - L - R: Charity shop white brogues (11 years old, what a buy), YSL Trib 2 platforms, Opening Ceremony blue suede ankle boots.

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