Thursday, 4 February 2010

Why Don't I Care About Hair?

A bit like Gossip Girl and Topshop, Alexa Chung has suffered from too much hype recently. It gets a bit boring after a while - and for me whilst she looked amazing on the cover of British Vogue this month, the photos inside were a bit "meh". I don't like her new lighter hair and with her popping up at every ruddy show from here to kingdom come these days it's all a bit clothes horsey for my tastes. 

But this pic reminds me of how, what made her in the first place, was a haircut. Pre the dark bob, she was a rather striking, funny presenter who wore some great clothes. But with the choppy bob she became something more than the sum of her parts. It was her Liz Hurley safety pin dress moment, albeit less desperate and far far classier, but it catapulted her into the public domain as an icon. 

I know hair can make or break a look. Which is a pity, because for me, I just can't do it. Hair. I just don't have the skill, inclination or time to make my hair anything. Ever. How much I care about my hair is up there with how much I care about drugs, horror movies, cars or tanning, in that they just don't figure in my life at all. 

My hair gets washed after the gym, dried in winter and then tied back. In a couple of week's time I am hoping to get the new Brazilian Blow Dry at my salon - a treatment that promises easier to style, glossier, more manageable hair. I wonder if it will be a turning point for me, or if the only thing that will ever sort my lack of hair know how will be a NBF who happens to be a hairdresser? 

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pumpkin said...

I am in the slightly contradictory place about caring a lot about a haircut, but being utterly negligent and uncaring about styling that cut. It shouldn't be just functional, but I can't/won't put the effort into it. I can't blow dry my hair straight (I give up halfway through); I don't know how to use rollers; I don't own curling products, and I've bought hairspray twice in my life.

But I do think it radically alters how one sees oneself - I think of the different cuts & colours I've had along the way - the half inch dark hair, the long blonde, and this reflects something I think about myself (although goodness only knows what). I just got a fringe for the first time since I was 8, and it has radically altered my presentation of myself. Which is rubbish, but it really somehow suits my dressing style, and is the perfect cut in that all I have to do is blow dry straight the fringe and nothing else. Sorted!

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