Friday, 19 February 2010

Why Charity Shops Rule

I've never really 'got' vintage shops. Sure they are packed full of cool hipster clothes and designer labels, but for me it takes the hunt out of the mix. I like charity shops for the thrill of the chase and the fact that objects seem to have a story behind them rather than a fat price tag.

This Sunday Pictorial was picked up in a charity shop in a small Somerset market town - I've forgotten where to be honest, but for me it's the languishing charity shops in out of the way places that most often reap the rewards. I love this magazine of old. It is full of amazing pictures, interviews with stars from the age of the silver screen and basically a whole lot more fun than most mags about now because it's not cover to cover ass kissing interviews, new diet trends and 'real world stories' slotted between articles about fashion trends.

I know, that's a bit mean, but really, look at that art direction. Would Grazia, Elle, Vogue, Bazaar do that these days?

(oh, and yes, that IS a jigsaw underneath that I bought at the same time, yes I love jigsaws and yes it was a bloody hard one).

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