Friday, 3 December 2010

Christopher Kane Cashmere Pt2

Ordinarily I would never be able to afford a piece like this, so it's thanks to J that I've got my greedy little mitts on a Christopher Kane A/W 10 cashmere embroidered cardigan. The embroidery itself is divine, but the detail that is killing me are the buttons that fasten not only up the middle but along the underside of the arms and sides, which means you can wear the cardie loose like a cape. Amazing for over heated offices and I'm thinking absolutely indispensable come Summer when you need a little something over your shoulders to keep the cold off. 

I would have loved to have bought an embroidered leather dress but I managed to keep my head (just about) and think about the chances of me really wearing it. Are they stunning? Yes. Are they made for women with boobs? No? Would it be a battle to fit into? Yes. And do I really have anywhere to go in one? Sadly no. 

Pictures from

Dress - Whistles 
Cardie - Christopher Kane A/W 10 
Sandals - Zara

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