Friday, 7 October 2011


I have my brother to thank for 'sourcing' these J Brand jodhpurs in New York for me. J Brand trousers and jeans pretty much changed my life in terms of dressing up at the beginning of this year and I've gone from 0 - 8 pairs in that time - they are my work staple without a doubt. Ditto Equipment shirts (which seem to miraculously not gape around the boobage area), although the whole silk / oil / dry clean scenario means they get worn a bit less especially if I know I'm going to be eating something messy, or I'm going to be messy eating. 

Shirt - Equipment 
Trousers - J Brand Jodhpurs
Shoes - Chanel 

1 comment:

The Princess Wishlist said...

I love Equipment shirts aswell and I even had an eye on the shirt you´re wearing but it was snapped before I could place my order.

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