Thursday, 26 January 2012


Seriously, if you have an iPhone and aren't totally addicted to Instagram, what are you doing?

Clearly this blog slightly gives away my predilection to sharing mind-numblingly boring insights and photos of myself but Instagram takes it to a whole new level. You like sneakers? Not a problem. Interiors? Hairstyles? Nice graded landscape shots? Puppies? It's all there ready and waiting for you to search. 

For me Instagram is my visual diary, a way for me to record what I'm doing for my own sanity and pleasure, and in return the happy bit is that I also get to share in other people's lives. I really enjoy finding out about...Mums in the West Country, tattooed Disney nerds in Southern California, a ballet dancer who lives with her Corsican boyfriend in some unnamed European city, hot moustachioed guys in Vancouver...the more you give the more you get. It's my current social networking community of choice. 

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