Saturday, 3 April 2010

Fantasy Shoe of the Week - Church's two tone brogues. Thunk.

There is something about brogues I have loved for years. I my first pair (white, plain) in a charity shop. I remember dancing around in a drunken haze in them a few days later paired with 40's wide legged trousers, white shirt and a cravat for an Agatha Christie party. Brogues are ace because they are dressy, smart and easy as hell to walk in. They get my vote. 

Over the years I have invested in many other pairs of brogues, most satisfyingly Paul Smith 'for men' ones (the label is, I assume, ironic). They have a great slim cut which is perfect for my narrow feet and they are probably my most complimented upon shoes, by boys as well as girls.

But...I've never owned a pair of Church's shoes. Which I should really. They are probably the ultimate if you're doing boy chic, and I've bullied several people into owning a pair (Stoy, my bro, my Dad) yet I've never taken the plunge and bought some for myself.

These babies on Net a Porter might have to become mine if I can sell some loot on ebay when I get back.

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