Friday, 9 April 2010

Melbourne Street Art


Melbourne is well known as a hub of street art. Across the road from the ACMI and the Ian Potter Centre is a street at serves as an outdoor art / statement arena - there are many other places to go, but there is something interesting about the opposition of the formal art on one side of the street and the 'underground' stuff on the other. On the day we took a shortcut down this alley there was even someone there in broad daylight with a step ladder working on a new piece. It's forever changing as visiting street artists from around the world come to put their mark down for a while. In London you tend to get the odd Banksy but to have entire streets just laced with different works brings a new scale to the proceedings. On the whole I can't say I'm mad about graffiti, for me it's filed in the same category as Manga or RPG's - why would you want to spend your time obsessing over these things when there are shoes, films and food? But the alleys in Melbourne's CBD and Fitzroy are always fun to explore when I'm over. I'm especially loving the pink kangaroo!

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