Friday, 30 April 2010

Pet Fashion Hates

On the whole I love fashion. I like the process of dressing up, becoming a character, or at least imbuing yourself with new qualities thanks to a garment or accessories. It's fun. But there are elements that I really dislike...

1) The One-Up-Man-Ship - we've all experienced it, the way women will give one another the glance up and down, assessing outfits, competing to be 'better', whatever 'better' is (thinner, richer, chicer, grungier etc). I especially hate this at fashion events, I really don't know how people in the business deal with it.

2) The Cost - I can understand why some pieces cost the earth, they are literally works of art. But when jeans are priced at £250 I have a hard time swallowing it. I remember once standing in the changing rooms of Barney's trying on very expensive denims when I realised that the fit of my £10 Primark ones were better, and they felt nicer. Even when I subscribed to the glory days of expensive jeans I would still only buy them from T.K.Maxx six months down the line. Now I wear only Uniqlo and Topshop jeans.

3) One shouldered anythings - I don't know why, it makes me feel a bit queasy aesthetically.

4) The Exclusivity - you walk into a shop. The assistants glare at you. Or worse still, ignore you. You are not their kind of customer. When this happens (and boy does it happen, especially in Chanel in my younger days) I walk the f**k out and make a point of blowing my money somewhere else.

Phew. Grumpy today.

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