Thursday, 22 April 2010

L.A. Gear - the 80's in trainer form

As a child of about 10 the coolest damn trainers IN THE WORLD were L.A. Gear. The late 80's saw the beginning of the trainer craze - when things like Reebok Pumps, Nike Airs and BK Knights were being designed to convince a youth market these items could make you instantly cooler. Basically the more detail you shoved on a trainer the better, and if you couldn't, heck put it on the tag. Mum's tutted that you couldn't buy them in Clarks, and the worst fate was to be sent to school in Dunlop Green Flash (or worse still, black elastic gym shoes from Woolies). 

I can remember memorising the different colourways of L.A. Gear trainers in my Grandma's catalogues where you could get payment plans to pay for them over months (only £1.99 for 48 months! etc). Then one miraculous day I think we found them on sale or perhaps on offer in a non descript sports shop just off the Strand in London. I got a pair (and my friend Simi did too) and we spent hours lacing them as was the fashion with a chequerboard-esque design. 

So, when I walked into Newcastle T.K. Maxx on Tuesday and saw a reissue in my size it was a done deal. Twenty quid to relive my childhood! When I put them on I immediately think of bourbon biscuits, Saved By The Bell, Salt N Pepa and Timmy Mallet. Oh the glory days. 

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