Friday, 25 February 2011


About two weeks after I bought these two pieces in Whistles late last Summer, I came across the fabulous Susie Bubble wearing the same ensemble, with her usual creative flair. Since then I haven't even bothered taking them out of my closet, I just get depressed at my lack of fabulousness. I love how Susie (see below) wears them hoicked up super high on her waist to give them more hang around her ankles and the metal over bra is amazing, but as with all these blogger harnesses and the like a thing to admire from afar rather than ever attempt due to bust issues. On reflection I should probably pair these separates with heels, next time, I guess and I want a top knot. Big sigh. 

Shirt - Whistles 
Trousers - Whistles 
Ballet Pumps - Chanel 

Photo - Susie Bubble from Style Bubble


maphi said...

i love this !!!! amazing xoxo

mustownmore said...

Thanks! xxx

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