Saturday, 19 February 2011

An ode to T.K.Maxx

When I first discovered T.K.Maxx it was love at first sight. As a charity shopper since pretty much birth (thanks Mum!), the concept of hunting for stuff is ingrained in my shopping DNA, so the trawl that is finding gems in T.K.Maxx is no biggie for me. Growing up I got used to not just wanting and buying something, but the concept of waiting for it too. I might have wanted cowboy boots at 17, but I had to wait until 21 until I found a pair for sale in a charity shop. 

I'll admit now I am very lucky to be able to spread my purchasing power out somewhat more - Liberty, Topshop, Zara, Whistles...but the need for a good rummage and the thrill of the chase I still hold dear. 

Many people I know don't like to shop at T.K.Maxx. They dislike the unorganized mess, the time it takes to hunt things down and the plethora of random brands that no one has ever heard of. Well, their loss is my gain, quite frankly. T.K.Maxx, I salute you (although your changing rooms are often totally gross and your staff tend to be pretty grumpy in the Lewisham and Hammersmith branches and downright rude in Taunton). 

Top - American Apparel 
Skirt - no name from T.K.Maxx
Tights - Marks & Spencer
Shoes - no name from T.K.Maxx
Bag - Pucci from T.K.Maxx
Bangles - Assad Mounser

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