Thursday, 14 July 2011


I'm being a rubbish blogger at the moment or perhaps more accurately a rubbish dresser. Everything I wear looks totally crap when I get home from work and edit the pictures I took in the morning. This is the only outfit I have been even vaguely happy with this week. I'm so shattered all the time that the usually fun activity of choosing what shoes to wear is becoming a drag. I know I'm in a funk. 

I'm hoping to spend the weekend recharging my batteries - sleeping, running, reading and doing my nails (I have no idea why I find this one of the most relaxing and therapeutic activities in the world, but I do). I'm also going to be eating healthily. Everything in my fridge has gone off and I'm too tired to clear it out or restock and so I end up eating takeout or ready meals, which of course makes me more tired and cranky and the cycle repeats itself. I might even get my bake on and try making biscuits with my new cutters from Liberty in the shape of Great Britain and Ireland (£4.00 worth of fabulousness). 

T shirt - Ashish x Topshop 
Trousers - Zara
Shoes - NW3 Hobbs 
Jacket - River Island

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