Friday, 19 August 2011


My Grandma died last month. Today she would have been 90. I still have her birthday programmed into my iPhone diary and the family were planning a little together up in Newcastle. As it happened the get together was earlier than planned but with one vital person missing. 

One of the odd things about a person dying is that you suddenly find out so many things about them, as relatives come out of the woodwork and keepsakes get sorted through. I had never seen this picture of my Grandma before. My Mum thinks she must have been in her late teens because she's not wearing her engagement ring yet. I love everything about this photo, from her jaunty pose to the beautiful floral dress and the effort she's gone to in order to find a background full of greenery. I wish I could show her this photo and get her tell me about that day - what she was thinking, whether the dress was a favourite, who took the photo - but that will have to remain in the past. 

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